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#163 – Fantastic Voyage (1966)

163 Fantastic Voyage

Continuing Old Sci-Fi Movie Month, Lincoln and Kyle discuss 1966’s Fantastic Voyage, a movie where people get shrunk and enter a human body. Joe Dante later did the same thing but funnier. They marvel at the special effects, chuckle at Donald Pleasence, and muse about Raquel Welch. Also talked about are new episodes of Gotham, the newest Hobbit movie trailer, the newfound vehicular mobility of Kyle and a new job for Lincoln, and the internet sensation that is Too Many Cooks.

Next week, Paul Heath joins us! Get ready for that shit!


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For next week: #120 – The Angry Red Planet (1959

120 Angry Red Planet

Kyle’s pick this week is a precursor (of sorts) to a movie we watched a while backed called “Journey to the Seventh Planet” but this one’s about Mars instead of Urinus (they pronounced things so funny in the 60s in Denmark). Anyway, this fucker’s “The Angry Red Planet” and its about the first trip to Mars when things go awry! As you can see, there’s a giant Rat/Spider/Crab monster and also what looks like Jello. So, you know it’s good.

We’ll also discuss the various awards shows and probably a bunch of other bollocks.


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