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#150 – Heavy Metal (1981)

150 Heavy Metal

This is a big milestone for the boys – their 150th episode! They celebrate by doing a regular ol’ episode with nothing approaching frills or even thrills. After paying tribute to the life of one of the world’s brightest comedic lights, Robin Williams, gone dark far too soon, Kyle subjects Lincoln to the animated violence and smut-filled romp that is 1981’s Heavy Metal. Could this be the biggest discrepancy in opinion since episode 9? Listen and find out!

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#137 – Teddy Graham Memories (aka Kyle’s Birthday Ramble)


This week, it’s our own Kyle’s birthday so instead of talking about a particular movie, he and Lincoln drink copious amount of hard cider, sit in a stuffy New York apartment, and talk about the four filmmakers that most shaped them as young film fans/makers in college: Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, and Edgar Wright. You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if the boys hadn’t bonded over these four directors. That’s a proven fact. We hope you enjoy a ramble of epic proportions as Kyle attempts to stay on track and Lincoln does everything he can to derail it.

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For next week: #137 – Teddy Graham Memories (aka Kyle’s birthday episode)


It’s Kyle’s birthday episode this week! Prepare for college stories, rambling nonsense, and good ol’ fashioned “why we love movies” talk. Listen tomorrow and wish him a happy birthday on May 20th!

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#136 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

136 Roger Rabbit

This week, the planets and airline paths have aligned and Kyle and Lincoln are in the same room for only the third time ever (to record a podcast…they used to live together, guys). Amid the escalated bickering levels, they also discuss the work of the late, great Bob Hoskins and particularly his amazing performance in Robert Zemeckis’ 1988 live-action/animation masterpiece Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which used to scare one of our heroes when he was a kid. Guess which one.

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Bonus Episode: Remembering Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis passed away February 24, 2014 at the age of 69. Kyle and Lincoln pay tribute in this special bonus episode.

Check out this episode!

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For next week: #120 – The Angry Red Planet (1959

120 Angry Red Planet

Kyle’s pick this week is a precursor (of sorts) to a movie we watched a while backed called “Journey to the Seventh Planet” but this one’s about Mars instead of Urinus (they pronounced things so funny in the 60s in Denmark). Anyway, this fucker’s “The Angry Red Planet” and its about the first trip to Mars when things go awry! As you can see, there’s a giant Rat/Spider/Crab monster and also what looks like Jello. So, you know it’s good.

We’ll also discuss the various awards shows and probably a bunch of other bollocks.


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The Golden Globes: How Wrong Were We?

Surprisingly, we didn’t do too badly in our Golden Globe picks. Check it:

Best Motion Picture, Drama: 12 Years a Slave

Lincoln – Gravity (though on my ballot during the awards, I picked 12 Years…)

Kyle – 12 Years…

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: American Hustle

Lincoln – Her, American Hustle

Kyle – Wolf of Wall Street, Her

Best Actor in a Drama: Matthew McConaughey

Lincoln – Chiwetel Ejiofor

Kyle – Chiewetel Ejiofor

Best Actress in a Drama: Cate Blanchett

Kyle – Cate Blanchett

Lincoln – Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical: Leonardo DiCaprio

Kyle – Bruce Dern or Leo DiCaps

Lincoln – Leo DiCaps

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical: Amy Adams

Kyle – Meryl Streep

Lincoln – Meryl Streep

Best Supporting Actor in a motion picture: Jared Leto

Kyle – Barcad Abdi

Lincoln  – Michael Fassbender

Best Supporting Actress for a motion picture: Jennifer Lawrence

Kyle – (unsaid aside from “Yeah”)

Lincoln – J-Law, Lupita Nyong’o’

Best Director of a motion pictures: Alfonso Cuaron

Kyle – (unsaid)

Lincoln – (unsaid, though I picked Cuaron on my ballot during the awards)

Best Actress from a TV Drama: Robin Wright

Kyle – Tatiana Maslany

Lincoln –  (unsaid)


We also picked Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston to win for TV, which they did, so go us!

How’d you do on your GG picks? Comment!!!

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As mentioned this week: “The Waiting Room” web series is now live!

As Lincoln plugged on the podcast this week, a colleague of his is in a web series called “The Waiting Room” and it goes live TODAY on Here’s the link to their page and here’s a link to their Facebook page. Like and share the love! Hooray for independently created content!

#113 – The Day of the Doctor

113 Day of the Doctor

For a bit of a change of pace, this week, the fellas take the opportunity to discuss a piece of television history: the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, entitled “The Day of the Doctor,” as well as the docudrama “An Adventure in Space and Time.” Also spoken about are Kyle’s trip to London, Lincoln’s computer woes, debateable song lyrics, and people whose names may or may not be Dave. Go figure.

Check out this episode

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Paul Walker dead at 40

I first heard about Paul Walker‘s death via text message from the fiance. “Paul Walker is dead?!?!?!?” she asked. I also had an USA Today Breaking News alert of his death. Whoa. From the Huffington Post:

Walker was best known for his roles in the “Fast And The Furious” movies.

TMZ reports that Walker was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle. It then slammed into either a post or a tree and then burst into flames and exploded.

It is not yet known what caused the driver to lose control, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that the crash happened around 3:30 p.m. in the 28300 clock of Rye Canyon Loop.”


I loved “Varsity Blues” and enjoyed (as much as one honestly can) “The Fast and the Furious”, but my favorite of his films was “Running Scared“, which I’m actually only seen once, but it has stuck with me for many years. Seek it out if you can find it; it’s really, really good. I also really enjoyed “Fast 6“, despite it’s obvious flaws and ridiculousness. Plus everything I’ve ever heard about him has been positive. Not only that, he had a daughter. Very sad.

What’s your favorite Paul Walker role?



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