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#128 – Gor (1987)

128 Gor

Holy crap, this week the boys may have watched the most misogynistic movie they’ve ever forced themselves to sit through. Nope, just kidding, that was Nude Nuns with Big Guns; but Gor from 1987 is a pretty close second. To stave off the anger (and boredom), they also talk about movie trailer voices, the improbably awesome Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shows about dead people returning to life, the return to form of Community, and more tangents than math class.

Check out this episode!

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For next week: Gor (1987)

128 Gor

Next week, the boys will tackle a sword and sandals sci-fi fantasy sexist bore-fest known as “Gor”. They’ll also talk about “Clone Wars”, “Community”, and some weird French show Kyle found on Netflix (are you at all surprised?). Also, Lincoln laughed so hard at one point, he nearly cried.

Isn’t that enough?!

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#119 – Deathstalker (1983)

119 Deathstalker

This week, the boys go a-ramblin’. While, in theory, they’re meant to talk about an early-80s barbarian-fantasy movie, they end up talking more about newer movies, Walt Disney, operating systems, boring trivia, meaningless award shows that happened last night, and a million other streams of consciousness. Oh, and boobs. There’s lots and lots of boobs in Deathstalker.

Check out this episode

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For next week: #119 – Deathstalker (1983)

119 Deathstalker

Boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs. Oh, and some sword fighting. That’s Deathstalker from 1983. Also discussed are our picks for a couple of the Golden Globes, so feel free to point out when we’re wrong next week.

Don’t forget about The Waiting Room web series which premiered this week!

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