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#170 – Asteroid vs Earth (2014)

170 Asteroid vs Earth

This week, because Lincoln did no research, he has accidentally chosen an Asylum film for the first ep of 2015, entitled Asteroid vs Earth, a horribly stupid disaster movie starring no one and featuring nothing. He and Kyle also discuss the buncha movies and television programmes they watched between Christmas and now. There are many things. MANY THINGS.

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#117 – Airplane! (1980)

117 Airplane!

Happy New Year! And don’t call me Shirley. To round out both Disaster December and 2013, the fellas decide to talk about a movie that they both already like – 1980’s Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker classic, Airplane! starring Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, and four of the coolest guys ever, Leslie Nielsen, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, and Robert Stack. It’s a big ol’ love-in, but Kyle and Lincoln also talk about  other movies they’ve seen and try to overcome the post-Christmas malais. They do okay.

Thanks for listening, everybody! We’ve got some good stuff coming up in 2014 and we’re excited to have you all come along for the ride.

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For next week: #117 – Airplane! (1980)

117 Airplane!

Wrapping up Disaster December is the Zucker/Abraham classic “Airplane!” from 1980. What better way to conclude a month of disaster movies than the end-all-be-all spoof thereof starring Robert “Lincoln’s Uncle” Hays and Julie Hagerty with heavies the likes of Peter Graves and Robert Stack. Oh yeah, and Leslie FUCKING Neilsen. We’ll also chat about Christmas, what a d-hole 2013 was, and the coming 2014. And obviously, some Doctor Who Christmas Special-ness and the farewell of Matthew “Chinny” Smith.

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#116 – The Core (2003)

116 The Core

On this Christmas week, breaking with tradition, the boys don’t do anything Christmassy and instead talk about a silly sci-fi movie about people going into the center of the Earth to start it spinning again. Also talk about are casting rumors, sci-fi trailers, lava anuses, the Tucc wearing a hairpeace, and we learn another place Lincoln doesn’t want to be buried. It’s pretty deep, guys.

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For Next Week: #116 – The Core (2003)

116 The CoreIt’s a full-scale, end-of-the-world-type adventure when Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, and Stanley Tucci go inside a CGI maggot and head inside a poorly-rendered idea of what might be inside the Earth. Dumb? Dumb.There’s also talk of new trailers, casting rumors, and more sidebars than a trip to Vegas. Does that reference make sense? You’ll find out on Monday!



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#115 – Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

115 Disaster on the Cruiseliner

It’s all kinds of 70s amazingness when Lloyd Bridges, E.G. Marshall, William Shatner, and Raymond Burr have to deal with two trains destined to collide in the TV movie Disaster on the Coastliner. Also, enjoy installments of “Podcast Memories,” “Facts About Elephants,” and “A Hayes Rebuttal.” Movies on planes and British TV shows get a good talking-to about as well.

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For next week: #115 – Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

115 Disaster on the Cruiseliner

High-speed trains! Con men! Leisure suits! All these and more are in store as Disaster December continues with 1979’s (TV movie? Probably) “Disaster on the Coastliner”. Lloyd Bridges and William Shattner? Yes please! “Airplane 2“? Not for a few more years.

We’ll also talk about Lincoln’s recent trip to Europe and, probably, the very nature of humanity. And Doctor Who, more than likely.


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#114 – The Hindenburg (1975) w/ guest co-host Rob Walker

114 The Hindenburg w Rob Walker

Now is Lincoln’s turn to go back to Europe, so Kyle is joined by the first person to join the What the Fuck Are You Watching?!? 5-Timer’s Club, Mr. Rob Walker, creator of the fabulous Victorian Cut-Out Theatre on and writer of fantastic geek articles on For the first in what we’re calling Disaster December, Rob has chosen a movie version of one of the most famous disasters in human history, The Hindenburg, which was turned into a 1975 spy/adventure movie starring George C. Scott and Anne Bancroft.

Also discussed are Nazi movies, Indiana Jones, why Lincoln is a jerk, and revel in the first (and hopefully only) installment of “Instagram Memories.”

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For next week: #114 – The Hindenburg (1975) with guest host Rob Walker

114 The Hindenburg w Rob Walker

Lincoln’s off in Europe again (the dick), so Kyle’s bringing in frequent guest and honorary third-chair Rob Walker to kick off Disaster December with 1975’s “The Hindenburg“. Check out this description:

“In this fictionalized version of events leading up to the fiery 1937 zeppelin crash, a German intelligence officer boards the doomed blimp to foil a conspiracy to blow it up. He has a long list of suspects, including a singer and a countess.”

Get on-board! Not literally, of course, because SPOILER it blows up.

Have a disaster movie for us? If it’s in American Netflix, send it on over! @WTFAreUWatching

Also, check out Victorian Cut-Out Theater on the You Tube and LIKE the page on Facebook!


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