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For next week: #124 – Batman (1989)

124 BatmanBATMAN!!!

We talk about the Burton Batman, compare it to the Nolan Batman, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the animated series, and even compare Batman to Jesus. Shit gets deep!

Kyle is at Gallifrey 1 Convention this weekend, so if you’re there, tell him hello! Don’t punch him in the face, though.


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#113 – The Day of the Doctor

113 Day of the Doctor

For a bit of a change of pace, this week, the fellas take the opportunity to discuss a piece of television history: the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, entitled “The Day of the Doctor,” as well as the docudrama “An Adventure in Space and Time.” Also spoken about are Kyle’s trip to London, Lincoln’s computer woes, debateable song lyrics, and people whose names may or may not be Dave. Go figure.

Check out this episode

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For next week: #113 – Day of the Doctor

113 Day of the Doctor

Kyle’s back! How was London? How was meeting and interviewing cast and crew? How was being in Pharos Towers? Howitzer, am I right? Join us next week for our thoughts and reactions to “Day of the Doctor” and “An Adventure in Space and Time” and other such things!




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